ASTERICS' main points of action

This large-scale collaboration is divided in subprojects that each focus on different aspects:

  • Solving Big Data challenges, for example by software development and selection of the most suitable hardware;
  • Developing protocols and testing software and hardware related to timing;
  • Training scientists on tools for data analysis, for example by using Virtual Observatory tools;
  • Outreach and dissemination, for example Citizen Science experiments in which the general public can help scientists collect and analyse data.

Besides the work carried out by partners directly involved in ASTERICS, the collaboration aims to establish connections with external partners, in other research fields or in industry. The goal of these connections is to use developments made for the ESFRI facilities for other applications outside of astronomy and astro(particle) physics, or to use developments made outside of these research fields to advance developments for the ESFRI facilities.

The ASTERICS project is built up in the five work packages: AMST, DECS, OBELICS, DADI and CLEOPATRA.

Work packages