The objective of Dissemination, Engagement and Citizen Science (DECS) is to promote ASTERICS and the ESFRI astronomy facilities it aims to serve. In particular, it aims to and open-up the ESFRI facilities to all relevant stakeholders and the widest possible audience, including the paying public.

  • Production of high quality branding and promotional outreach materials. More ambitiously, DECS also embraces ASTERICS’ adoption of the principles of Science 2.0.

  • Create web-based interfaces that will open-up the astronomy related ESFRI facilities to the general public via a harmonised suite of Citizen Science mass participation experiments (MPEs) and online video material.

  • Attract young people to science by networking the ESFRI facilities via citizen science initiatives such as these, and through coordinating open educational resources.

  • Internal dissemination of ASTERICS results and the promotion and engagement of the project within the community and beyond.

The activities and operation of DECS are shown schematically in the image. DECS is led by Dr. Stephen Serjeant. The participating institutions are ASTRON, INAF, The Open University, and Oxford University.