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ASTERICS Brochures - digital copies of the brochures can be viewed and downloaded here (version 2015; version 2018); printed copies of the brochures as well as branded pens, thermal mugs and note pads can be supplied for distribution by contacting Stephen Serjeant in the DECS team at stephen [dot] serjeantatopen [dot] ac [dot] uk

ASTERICS Banners - digital copies of the banners can be viewed and downloaded here; printed copies can be supplied on loan by contacting Stephen Serjeant in the DECS team at stephen [dot] serjeantatopen [dot] ac [dot] uk


List of documents and deliverables submitted to the EC      Deadline             Title and link to approved document
Work Package 1
D1.1 30 Sep 15 Exploitation plan
D1.2 30 Sep 15 Collaboration plan
D1.3 31 Mar 17 Exploitation plan update
D1.4 31 Mar 17 Collaboration plan update
D1.5 31 Dec 18 Integration Activity
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Work Package 2
D2.1 31 Jul 15 ASTERICS project website live
D2.2 30 Apr 16 ASTERICS project brochure publication
D2.3 31 Mar 17 Educational resources for first MPE (link to website)
D2.4 31 Mar 17 First online MPE (link to website)
D2.5 30 Sep 17 Public and stakeholder engagement via video resources (Link to: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3)
D2.6 31 Dec 17 Open-access publications from first MPE
D2.7 31 Mar 18 Educational resources for MPE
D2.8 31 Mar 18 Online MPE
D2.9 28 Feb 19 Open-access publications from MPE
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Work Package 3
D3.1 31 Aug 15 Detailed WP3 project plan
D3.2 30 Apr 16 First main thematic training event
D3.3 30 Apr 16 Analysis Report on Standards and Libraries
D3.4 30 Apr 16 Software Libraries (initial) (link to library)
D3.5 31 Oct 16 Analysis Report on Resource Requirements
D3.6 31 Oct 16 First WP3 general workshop
D3.7 30 Apr 17 Second main thematic training event
D3.8 30 Apr 17 Technology Benchmark Report (D-GEX, mid-term)
D3.9 30 Apr 17 Technology Benchmark Reports (D-INT, mid-term)
D3.10 30 Apr 17 Technology Benchmark Report (D-ANA, mid-term)
D3.11 31 Oct 17 Second WP3 general workshop
D3.12 30 Apr 18 Third main thematic training event
D3.13 30 Apr 18 Analysis Report on Frameworks and Architectures
D3.14 30 Apr 18 Repository of Services (D-INT)
D3.15 30 Apr 18 Repository of Services (D-ANA)
D3.16 31 Oct 18 Third WP3 general workshop
D3.17 30 Apr 19 Final integral WP3 report
D3.18 30 Apr 19 Technology Benchmark Report (D-GEX, final)
D3.19 30 Apr 19 Technology Benchmark Report (D-INT, final)
D3.20 30 Apr 19 Software libraries
D3.21   Feasibility of neural networks in image reconstrucditon techniques
D3.22   Automated solar radio bursts detection through machine learning
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Work Package 4
D4.1 30 Sep 15 First ASTERICS DADI Technology Forum
D4.2 30 Nov 15 First ASTERICS European School
D4.3 30 Nov 15 First ESFRI Forum & Training event
D4.4 31 Mar 16 Second ASTERICS DADI Technology Forum
D4.5 30 Nov 16 werkhovenatastron [dot] nl (subject: request%20for%20D4.5%20via%20website) (Second ASTERICS European School)
D4.6 30 Nov 16 First “European Data Provider Forum & Training event”
D4.7 31 Mar 17 Third ASTERICS DADI Technology Forum
D4.8 30 Apr 17 Repository of WP4 products (mid-term delivery)
D4.9 30 Nov 17 Third ASTERICS European School
D4.10 31 Dec 17 Second ESFRI Forum & Training event
D4.11 31 Mar 18 Fourth ASTERICS DADI Technology Forum
D4.12 30 Nov 18 Fourth ASTERICS European School
D4.13 31 Jan 19 Second European Data Provider Forum & Training event
D4.14 31 Mar 19 Fifth ASTERICS DADI Technology Forum
D4.15 30 Apr 19 Repository of WP4 products (final delivery)
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Work Package 5
D5.1 30 Jun 16 General design rules for implementation in existing optical networks
D5.2 31 Oct 16 Multi-messenger alert handling design document
D5.3 30 Apr 17 Qualification of WRE components under (harsh) realistic conditions
D5.4 30 Jun 17 Hardware for maser-level time & frequency distribution in optical transport networks
D5.5 31 Aug 17 Data streaming software client (& software documentation)
D5.6 31 Oct 17 Tools and methods for delay calibration before installation and in situ.
D5.7 31 Dec 17 Time transfer in SURFnet/LOFAR network & general design rules for network implementation
D5.8 31 Dec 17 Summary of workshop in alerting mechanisms with outside partners
D5.9 30 Apr 18 Report on scheduling algorithms and standard interfaces for cross-facility scheduling
D5.10 31 Aug 18 Software components multi-messenger event handling
D5.11 31 Oct 18 Scientific study synergies of transient event observing
D5.12 31 Oct 18 Multi-facility scheduling simulation and performance analysis software
D5.13 28 Feb 19 Pilot multi-messenger event handling
D5.14 30 Apr 19 Demonstration of VLBI synchronization via existing SURFnet/LOFAR network
D5.15 30 Apr 19 Advanced algorithms and WRE upgrade to 10 Gb/s capacity
D5.16 30 Apr 19 Building a prototype of a multi-messenger platform
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